It's quite simple...

... from God's hands, through mine, into yours. 



Whether a modern or a traditional structure I believe the importance of incorporating earth into your decor creates a healthier and more aesthetically appealing  space,

be it furniture, sculptural or functional art.

"Biophilic design: a concept used to increase connectivity to the natural environment through the use of nature in one's surroundings."


At AMH & COMPANY, our focus is to bring expressive, smart and luxurious, natural enhancements to your home or business. 

Each slab is chosen for its' character, hardness and the artistic opportunity I see and feel. 


Meticulous cleaning is the first priority; using dental instruments, all imperfections are cleared of debris and live edges, enhanced. Depending upon the grain, carving/shaping and sanding refines each piece and leads the way to completion. 


My goal is to create art with soul. I want you to cherish, enjoy and use my art, throughout your home. 

Each piece has soul. Each piece speaks. Each piece is as unique as you are.

I am truly blessed and appreciate all the amazing and ever-growing support from friends, family and design professionals. 

Thank you.


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