You know the feeling when you receive a hand-addressed envelope? It's the first thing you open because it stands out among the ordinary mail. It's more personal and the fact that someone actually put pen to paper, makes the correspondence, unique.


A handwritten note holds a place in our hearts, which is why I created these beautiful cards. They're perfect for any occasion and are printed in small batches, making them more limited & very special. 

All cards are a single page (non-folded) and printed on 100 lb, high-quality artistic paper (suitable for framing, if you wish!). And of course, an equally high-quality envelope is included.


Most cards include a special quote on the back near the top, which you'll find listed in the specifications. The quotes chosen are meaningful to me, subtle yet legible, leaving plenty of room for your personal message.

Click on image to see full design & details

Minimum purchase - 7 pieces

Orders over $50 include two free 2" x 9" bookmarks 

Originals available - $26.50/ea

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